Guide for freelancers

The majority of the news section ofbetvictor是真的吗magazine is written by staffers but we are always on the lookout for exciting freelance pieces. On the other hand, features are mostly written by freelancers. This document is intended to outline what the editors are looking for, how to go about pitching and writing stories and what our conditions are. Most of it should be obvious to experienced journalists, but these guidelines should help ensure that pitches or articles provided by you, a freelancer, meet our editorial standards.


Before sending in your idea, make sure it is the kind of story we are after.

一般来说,我们正在寻找科学和抛光工艺ogy stories from around the world that will intrigue, entertain and inform the widest possible audience, be they physicists, biologists or people with no science background at all. We cover fascinating bits of pure science with no possible application as well as high-impact stories such as weapons technology and the psychology of terrorism. Besides reporting the latest research, we also try to find interesting scientific or technological angles on major news events.

We want stories that are relevant. Ask yourself why our readers (around the world) would care about what you’re going to tell them. We do not cover developments of interest only to specialists, such as new animal models of a disease or the opening of new science research centres. Nor do we cover policy issues affecting only scientists, such as funding policies or the appointment of institute heads. We want stories that move science on, not incremental advances.


betvictor是真的吗发布新的研究 - 在新闻部分,意为独家研究或在过去一周内在公共领域提出的研究。除非有合理的新闻挂钩,否则我们不会发表有关一个月前提出的研究的新闻文章。检查我们的档案 - 通常,我们已经写了相同的故事。

特征may publish material that is less time-sensitive, but only if it is a critical step in an as yet untold story detailing a new idea.


betvictor是真的吗has a team of around 40 editorial staff. We get press releases from the major journals and institutions, attend many conferences and scour the obvious sources of science stories.

That means there’s little point in pitching stories from major journals such asNatureScience,或来自新闻网站,例如Newswise或Eurekalert!我们将已经看到他们,并且通常要求工作人员写信。仅在您的研究中具有独家角度,其背景或其他人不会的含义时,才能从这些来源进行宣传。

Try to find stories that none of our editors or reporters are likely to have spotted, and that haven’t been covered by the mainstream media in the UK, the US or Australia.

Pitching news stories

When suggesting a story, send us a paragraph or two describing exactly what the story is and why it’s significant. If it’s not obvious, spell out how it is different to what’s been done before. The story has to make us go “wow!” – is it something you’d tell your friends down the pub? The pub test is a good way to assess the interest in a story.

Send in focused pitches relating to one or two story ideas, rather than pitching many less well-informed ideas at once. Make sure it is a good story and explain why it is a good story – remember, your story is competing for coverage against tens or hundreds of others each week. Send us a top line that makes it stand out.

Tell us about your angle or added extra. Perhaps you have exclusive video, or exclusive access to a hard-to-reach scientist. Tell us about the special extra.

Do include details such as the names of the researchers and organisations involved, where you came across it, what – if any – media coverage the story has had and, in the case of journals, the title and date, and if there is any embargo. This makes it easier to decide whether it’s worth covering and to schedule it.



First and foremost, abetvictor是真的吗feature is an article that people will love to read.betvictor是真的吗对于专业科学家,公共服务或教育工具而言,不打算阅读所需的阅读。我们的功能是有益的,发人深省的和经过精心研究的,但也必须独自一人作为有趣的新闻业。


The ideal pitch is just a few paragraphs long. It should quickly tell an editor what the story is, what’s new and whybetvictor是真的吗应该覆盖它。它应该写得很好,并具有成品功能的色调。

Bear in mind thatbetvictor是真的吗features are stories, and follow a narrative structure. Make sure you not only tell us what the story is, but also how you plan to tell that story in a compelling way.

We strongly advise that you show an awareness of the magazine, website and our readers. It’s worth repeating that before you send a pitch, please check thebetvictor是真的吗online archive to see what we’ve done in the area in the past.

Above all, we are looking for imaginative treatments and high-quality writing. A pitch that conveys the promise of something original and different is more likely to catch an editor’s eye.

A typical weekly issue ofbetvictor是真的吗will contain three feature articles ranging in length from two to six pages, with four pages being the most common length. A list of the most recent articles can be foundhere. Variety is the keyword, but a successful feature will generally fall into one of the following categories (note that a subscription is required to access most individual articles):

  • 推翻重要的科学思想或共同假设的思想或发现

Migration mystery: Who were the first Americans?

  • Ideas or discoveries that make you go WOW!

The algorithm that runs the world
Intergalactic subway: All aboard the wormhole express
Think yourself younger: Psychological tricks that can help slow ageing

  • 发现长期存在的科学问题的发现

Who are you? How the story of human origins is being rewritten
We are finally beginning to understand migraines and how to treat them

  • Authoritative reporting on the science behind stories of public concern

The real deal? The lowdown on counterfeits you meet day to day

  • Things that are great or helpful to know, often related to health or self-improvement

“Exercise pills: Should we use drugs that mimic the benefit of a workout?”
“What really makes people happy – and can you learn to be happier?”
The truth about supplements: Do they work and should you take them?

  • Technology trends poised to change the way the world works

How we can transform our energy systems to achieve net-zero emissions

  • The definitive guide to…。

A brief history of the human genome

  • Fun, quirky or unusual stories with a science or technology angle

The curious lives of the people who feel no fear
Burn-proof billy: Fighting the Christmas arsonists

What sort of features are we不是looking for?

  • A step forward that non-specialists neither know nor care about (eg New fossil forces radical rethink in mudstone geology)
  • 增量发现年代的一个重要领域cience (eg cancer vaccine shown to work in rare form of carcinoma)
  • A progress report on some area of science that has been ticking along nicely but uneventfully for years (eg recent progress in the neurobiology of vision)
  • An extraordinary idea that isn’t backed by a genuine researcher and/or a peer reviewed paper (eg dark matter might be pollution from alien quantum computers)
  • Stories that are about projects or techniques, rather than results (eg new remote sensing satellite invented that can measure CO2 emissions from factories)
  • Parochial stories without global interest (eg Britain’s marshlands are making a comeback / Plan to introduce rural broadband in US)
  • General themes, topics or fields (eg an overview of machine learning, space junk, a new area of cancer research)
  • Science shoehorned where it doesn’t belong (eg The immune challenges to being born in a stable / the science of any sci-fi TV show or film)

An example of a pitch that was commissioned

Voodoo death


在此功能中,我将研究Voodoo Death,并讲述一个阿拉巴马州与女巫医生进行深夜争论后近乎死亡的故事。他的衰落和随后的恢复是由巨大的绿色安慰剂蜥蜴带来的,相关现象的极端标志 - 诺伊斯博和安慰剂 - 虚拟药或建议使健康变化或受益于健康的能力。


I’ll give real life examples of nocebo, from the man who almost put himself in a coma after ‘overdosing’ on placebo anti-depressants, to the patient mis-diagnosed with liver cancer who died tumour-free within the three months he was told he had left to live.

Studies on nocebo are still in their infancy, largely because experiments designed to harm are an ethical no-go. But there are a few, which I’ll describe. And researchers are starting to get a handle on the underlying mechanisms. Expectation and conditioning influence the nocebo response, and there are possible sex differences. Key brain regions have been identified by imaging studies, as have key neurochemical pathways bringing about the possibility of using drugs to block the nocebo effect. And finally, I have people who will speculate on how the neuro mechanisms come together with whole body physiology to explain how voodoo death might just happen.



Email one of the specialist editors:



Individual editors on thebetvictor是真的吗features team tend to cover different beats, although these often overlap. A broad outline is given below. If you are in doubt who to pitch to, the heads of features, Catherine de Lange, can forward pitches to the most appropriate editor.

Life, human sciences and medicine

Catherine de Lange

Kate Douglas

Alison George


Physical sciences, maths and technology

艾比·比尔(Abby Beall)

Daniel Cossins

Anna Demming

约书亚·霍格戈(Joshua Howgego)

Richard Webb

Writing stories

betvictor是真的吗is constantly striving to improve the quality of our content and writing. Reporters are expected to interview primary sources, to ask critical questions, to check for any related research or studies where relevant, and to seek the views of independent experts. Reworking secondary sources such as press releases is not acceptable.



We pay per words published, which will normally be about the same as the number of words commissioned. The editor handling a story can tell you the going rate. Payment will be sent to the address you give us within a month or so.

Tip-off fees

Let us know about potential exclusives even if you are unable to write them yourself. We will usually pay a tip-off fee if we use the idea.